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Lower cost, un-cooled version of the original Starfish camera
Price - $695
Image Sensor Format 1280 x 1024
Pixel Size (microns) 5.2 x 5.2
Optical Format 1/2"
QE 56%
Bit Depth 10 bit
Read noise 10e- (7e- typical)
Cooling N/A
Computer Interface USB 2.0 (only)
Guide Port Interface ST-4
Lens Mount T-Mount
  Each Starfish Guider camera includes the following items:  
    T-Mount to 1.25" Nosepiece Adapter  
    T-Mount Adapter cover  
    10' USB 2.0 interface cable  
    10' Guider port cable  
    StarLink Application program (Mac OS X)  
    Stark-labs Nebulosity and PHDGuiding programs (PC and Mac OS X)  
    Drivers for MaximDL and CCDSoft (PC)  
    Software installation CD-ROM  
    User's Manual  
    Storage Case  

Price $695 (plus tax and shipping)

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Your credit card will be charged for the cost of the camera plus applicable shipping charges. Prices quoted are in U.S. Dollars. We use FEDEX Express shipping for domestic shipments and International Economy shipping for all international orders.

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Current delivery time is approximately 4 weeks ARO. Your credit card will not be charged until the camera ships.

If you have any questions about purchasing the Starfish camera please contact us at our office in Santa Maria:

Fishcamp Engineering
105 W. Clark Ave
Orcutt, CA 93455
TEL: 805-937-6365
FAX: 805-937-6252
Or via Email:
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